Google will replace Android with Fuchsia

Google announced two important things. that is, the latest android version and the new logo.

Giving the latest Android names with numbers changed Google’s habits over the past 10 years. The latest Android version names are always associated with desserts that are adjusted in alphabetical order.

“We have heard feedback for years that the name (dessert name) is not always understood by everyone in the global community,” Google said in an official statement citing the reasons for changing the name of the latest version of Android.

In addition, Android changes its logo into a display on an Android robot with bold letters underneath it. In addition, the color of writing also changes from green to black.

android 10 image

“This is a small change, but we find green difficult to read, especially for people who have vision problems. So we made a series of new color combinations that increase contrast,” Google wrote. This unusual change has led to speculation for technology lovers. One of them is speculation about Google that will replace Android with an Operating System (OS) named Fuchsia.

“Is this the first step towards the complete elimination of all Android brands? Google does not give any clue about what happened, but it is not impossible,” said Bogdan Petrovan, columnist for Android Authority.

“Speculation about the replacement of Android has been going on for years, later strengthened by the development of Fuchsia. Will Google’s new operating system one day replace Android? Who knows,” he said.

android 10 image

In early July, Google reportedly formed a team of 100 people to develop OS Fuchsia, another open source platform. Google has also launched a site for developers called

Fuchsia does not use the Linux kernel like the Android and Chrome operating systems. Instead he uses the Zircon microkernel, a microkernel of the software needed to run the operating system.

So Fuchsia will certainly run differently from Android. The good news is that the cross-platform Flutter SDK will allow Android developers to quickly move their applications to Fuchsia.

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